its black has 1 humbucker in it sounds great just had a setup done on it the pedal is new still have the box the amp i spent 200 on it
Dark carved wood console, baby grand harp in back, with bench, paid $1,400 from Michigan Piano. Our tuner specialist said it carries superior sound. He stayed and played many selections while tuning. You arrange weekend pick up from living room directly out front door, please.
JUST TO VERIFY, THESE ARE ALL BRAND NEW UN-USED INSTRUMENTS Instrument Repairmen, if you are looking to make a ton of money without breaking the bank to start it up, this is a great opportunity for you. I work for a local Distributor and we have an overwhelming amount of B stock guitars, Violins, Brass, and woodwind instruments. I have pictured some of the pallets of instruments that we ne...
THESE ARE ALL BRAND NEW Drummers, I work for a local distributor, and we have exclusive rights of the brand "TKO", I have a huge room of parts for these drums and it is getting overwhelming and needs to go. If you need anything, I am sure i have it, or 15. Im not asking you to buy everything but come in and check out what we have if you need a new snare stand, cymbal boom stand, stool,...
Beautiful Yamaha Tenor Saxophone for sale by owner (Model YTS-23) Needs new case but saxophone itself is in great shape! Comes with case, Eddie Daniels special edition Vandoren mouthpiece, cleaning cloths and tools, cork wax, Neotech padded neck strap, and reed case Willing to bargain, so please contact me!
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